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Success Is Progressive

Many people are in haste about success. They want to achieve success overnight. They burden themselves with thoughts about being successful. They make themselves restless by their inordinate ambitions to become successful. They have sleepless and restless nights because of their immoderate ambitions for success. If they would understand the laws of success, they would know that their problems (or worries) are unwarranted.

This is one of the reasons success remains beyond the reach of many people, despite their worries about achieving it. Success is progressive. It is not achieved overnight. It is also not achieved suddenly or accidentally. One of the implications of this is that the journey to success is one step at a time. The expressions, “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step” and “Rome was not built in a day” best describe the claim that success is progressive.

According to Henry David Thoreau, “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” The most important thing in achieving success is neither thinking about success nor talking about success. It is also not being (inordinately) passionate about achieving success. Rather, it is doing what you ought to do to achieve success, when you ought to do it, where you ought to do it, and how you ought to do it.

You waste time thinking about success if you are not working towards achieving it. You may also be wasting time working towards success if you are ignorant of the right things to do to achieve it. Being inordinately ambitious for success could be a gateway to self-destruction. As a matter of fact, it is inimical to success for several reasons. Success is not a product of accident or chance. Rather, it is the product of deliberate and strategic efforts.

Observations and experiences show that success is often achieved after series of trials, failures, disappointments, mistakes, errors, etc. Many of the earliest efforts that are geared towards achieving success often culminate in failures. The failures, however, are often preparations for success, but only when the lessons they teach are learnt, understood and applied in the subsequent efforts in the pursuit of success. This is why failure is not final.

Being inordinately ambitious about success impoverishes you of the patience that is necessary for enduring, persevering, overcoming and learning from failures. This is why impatient people are not candidates for success. This is also why you should not be in a hurry in the journey to success. Not being patient enough to allow things work according to the dictates of time and law of natural order accounts for why many people fail in life.

When you are too fast, you may be running backwards. In addition, when you are too fast, you may also be heading towards doom and destruction. Consequently, always ensure that you are in the right direction before increasing your speed. Do not bother about success because it comes at the appointed time, as long as you do the right things at the right time, at the right place, and in the right way. This is a fundamental truism of life.

Being inordinately ambitious for success without doing the right things will get you to nowhere, even in a distant future. If you take care of the right things, the right results will take care of themselves. If you take care of the goals, success will take care of itself. If you take care of the seconds, the hours will take care of themselves. Success is progressive. If you focus your efforts on the right things, the right results will focus on you.

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